Services offered at coast kinetics:

  • CONDITIONING:Coast Kinetics Inc. offers comprehensive and balanced programs for clients of all ages. Whether the main objective is weight loss, to maintain a healthy lifestyle, enhance sports performance, our custom and time efficient programs are tailored to maximize results. Some services available include:

    • - Weight Loss

    • - Strength & Conditioning

    • - Speed & Agility Training

    • - Sports Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

    • - Osteoporosis Prevention

    • - Pre & Post Natal Conditioning

    • - In Home Conditioning

    • - Postural & Body Composition Analysis

    • - Dietary Assessment

    • - Lifestyle Coaching

  • Regular monitoring and re-evaluation of fitness levels allows us to modify workout plans to ensure optimal results and peak performance.

  • ACTIVE REHABILITATIONOur rehabilitation programs are designed to maximize physical potential and restorefunctional abilities through movement. Following a thorough and comprehensive assessment, we will create a program specific to individual needs. These programs have proven particularly effective for clients with:

    • - Motor Vehicle Injuries

    • - Musculoskeletal & Soft Tissue Training

    • - Work Related Injuries

    • - Post-Operative Rehabilitation

    • - Chronic Conditions or Illnesses

    • - Physical Impairments or Challenges

  • Our individualized approach has set us apart and earned credibility amongst ICBC, physicians, physiotherapists and other professionals.

  • SPORT-SPECIFIC TRAININGSports team training is very effective in maximizing results, preventing injuries, and increasing strength and flexibility. Coast Kinetics Inc. has helped many teams realize their potential and transfer off-game training to on-game performance.

    We use the periodization approach to program design, which enables us to look at the entire year of training, called a macrocycle, and break it up into smaller categories, called a mesocycle. Periodization helps us to determine the best time and best method for conditioning each physical component. Examples of sports team training include ice hockey, soccer, basketball, rugby, track and field and baseball camps.

  • CORPORATE TRAININGCoast Kinetics recognizes the health benefits associated with exercising. This lead way to the development of our Corporate Wellness Programs in which we are committed to helping employees from local companies/corporations live a healthy and active lifestyle.

  • CORPORATE HEALTH INVESTMENTPersonal training sessions are purchased by the employer and used as an incentive to motivate or recognize staff. These hour-long sessions are one-on-one with a Kinesiologist and tailored to meet individual goals. Packages of 10 or 20 one-on-one sessions can be distributed to 3 or more employees.

  • CORPORATE DISCOUNTCoast Kinetics will extend a 10% discount to staff for all services with a minimum of 3 people per company participating.

  • TEAM BUILDINGWeekly group training sessions are arranged by the employer and facilitated by Kinesiologists at the Coast Kinetics studio. This hour-long group session would be dedicated to the company and consist of a circuit training program designed for the needs of the group.

    Please contact us to set up a consultation so we can set up a program specifically for your company.